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Gambling Told Through the Seventh Art

News | 24/08/2023

The post-modern age in which we live is so complex that we sometimes get lost. We get lost in interpreting the facts about it, partly because we are constantly bombarded with more information that disorients us (info-demia), partly because our brains are not always the right tool to «put the puzzle pieces together», as they tend to simplify.

However, there is a way to make up for this lack, and it is through the seventh art. The seventh art, more commonly known as cinema, is that medium that allows us to learn certain facts that make up a piece of a given reality, since, on film, it is possible to grasp the overall picture.

This is true, for example, of the flora and fauna of a given habitat, which in cinema are told in detail in the form of a documentary, or with regard to the life of an artist - there is no shortage of films about famous singers with a troubled existence including Freddie Mercury.

Beware, however: Cinema goes further by touching on other issues as well. One of these is gambling. As we will see in a moment, there is no shortage of films that help us understand how Blackjack works or even other pastimes typical of landbased casinos, and, for the past few years, of online ones as well, including - your Swiss online casino.

License to Kill: One of the Most Interesting 007's

We couldn't fail to start with a great cinema classic, the one starring James Bond playing Blackjack in the film «Licence to Kill. Here, Her Majesty's most famous agent of all time, played by the unforgettable Sean Connery, is called upon to devise several winning strategies, given that his stakes are really big. In this film, 007 has to deal with blackjack, not like in Casino Royale, where poker plays the main role.

Martin Scorsese's Casino

Gambling is the main theme of Martin Scorsese's film «Casino», starring heavyweight actor Robert De Niro, whose role is that of a supervisor of all gambling operations at a Las Vegas casino. Whenever someone tries to cheat he catches the crooks, even those who try «the perfect shot with Blackjack. What makes this film interesting is the chance the viewer has to understand more about the dynamics of this game, and, of course, to admire Sharon Stone in all her beauty!

21 and «The Blackjack Theory»

In the movie «21», we witness a scientific exploration of Blackjack. The professor played by Kevin Spacey teaches his students his personal «Blackjack theory, the one everyone should know to beat the dealer. Of course, what appears to be an foolproof strategy is actually not, because the luck factor is inevitable. Even when it comes to Blackjack.

Rain Man: A Classic Movie that Everyone Knows

«Rain Man» is an iconic film that everyone knows, thanks to the masterful performances of Tom Cruise and Dustin Hoffman, which also deals with Blackjack. Because of the card-counting skills of Tom Cruise's autistic brother, Dustin Hoffman, whose existence was initially unknown, the pair play together at the Blackjack tables, getting the better of the dealer on practically every opportunity.

This film is well worth seeing again and again because, in addition to the human side, which is excellently described, the basic rules of Blackjack are explained quite simply.

Sidney: The Skilled Gambler «in the Service» of Johnny

When talking about the combination of film and gambling, one must mention Paul Thomas Anderson's «Sidney». This masterpiece sees the humble punter Johnny learn the «secrets of the trade» from the skilled gambler named Sidney. The latter, among other things, will help him discover how slot machines work, giving him some tips that will prove indispensable.

These tips, due to the evolution of the latest generation of slot machines, would no longer do the trick, which is why we recommend you take a look at the blog of - your Swiss online casino - where we discuss slot machines. In particular, you might want to read the article «Play free slot machines for fun: is the RTP and Hit Frequency similar to games played with real money?» in order to delve into the most interesting dynamics.

Rounders: A Manifesto for Poker Lovers

There is not only Casino Royale to tell us about poker, the famous film that sees James Bond take on Le Chiffre at the green table; there is also Rounders, considered a manifesto for poker lovers. Why is that? Because Rounders is perhaps the only film that details the figure of the modern poker player, with all his qualities and anxieties, while also dealing with psychology.

If you have time, we recommend watching this film, especially if you are intrigued by how the mind works when under stress. We are sure you will discover some really interesting things.

The Dice Game with The House

If you want to understand the basic rules of the dice game, «The House» is the film for you. The lead couple, namely Scott and Kate, who travel to Las Vegas in the hope of earning the money needed to pay their son Alex's tuition, will in fact play it all night long, a period of time during which there will be no shortage of twists and turns.

It may not be the most famous gambling film ever, but it is one of the few that takes a close look at how dice work. So we can't fail to recommend it to you!

But What About TV Series?

Allow us in this last paragraph to wander from the central theme of this article. You will see, it will be worth it! Here we want to talk to you not about movies so much as small-scale cinema, in particular TV series about gambling. One of these, which you should not miss, is «Las Vegas», a brand new TV series set inside the Montecito Resort & Casino.

With its 106 episodes lasting 45 minutes each, it can be considered a sort of «gambler's bible». If you can, also check out «Big Deal», which deals with gambling and poker in particular. Since it is not a very recent TV series - this is the 1980s - you probably won't find it easy.

If you do, we are sure you will be thrilled. After all, it is normal, because when you can «exploit» the tiny cinema and its big sister, the seventh art, namely the cinema, the reality that surrounds you will not be more complex, almost unknowable. And this is even more true when the main subject is gambling.


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