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News | 11/01/2024

Why Swiss players benefit from A look at legal online casinos in Switzerland and why you should avoid illegal providers. Swiss players today have a wealth of options when it comes to online gambling. However, there are some important reasons why it is beneficial for them to play at a regulated Swiss online casino like rather than opting for a foreign-based online casino that advertises illegally.

1. Taxation and Social Benefits:'s Contribution to AHV

One of the decisive factors why Swiss players should choose is that this casino pays taxes that flow directly into the Old Age and Survivors' Insurance (AHV). In contrast, illegal foreign online casinos do not pay taxes to Switzerland. By playing at, players contribute directly to the common good and support important social benefits.

2. Legal Deposit Options such as Twint: An Indicator of Reliability

Another important feature for checking the reliability of an online casino is the availability of legal deposit methods such as Twint. Legal casinos, such as, allow players to deposit money securely and conveniently via Twint. In contrast, illegal casinos do not accept Twint deposits, as this is a Swiss payment method. If you do not find Twint when making a deposit, this means that you are not in a Swiss online casino, which should be a massive warning signal for you.

3. Risks of Illegal Casinos: Deposit versus Withdrawal

Although it may be tempting to deposit at illegal casinos in order to win big, this can lead to significant problems. Illegal operators are not subject to any laws or regulations in Switzerland and could cause difficulties when paying out winnings. Players run the risk of losing their money if they engage with unregulated platforms.

4. Obscure Bonus Conditions and Money Transfer Abroad

Illegal online casinos tend to have opaque Bonus Conditions, which can tempt players to wager more money than they intended. Furthermore, in such cases the money always flows abroad, which is not socially beneficial. By choosing, players are supporting a domestic company that offers transparent Bonus Terms and Conditions and keeps funds locally in Switzerland in a Swiss bank account.

5. Player Protection: Legally Anchored in Switzerland

Swiss online casinos such as are subject to the strict regulations and laws on player protection and money laundering that are firmly anchored in Switzerland. These include measures for identity checks, age verification and deposit limits. Illegal casinos, on the other hand, have an increased risk of fraudulent activities as they are not subject to the same standards.

Of course, there are more positive aspects that make an attractive choice for Swiss players:

6. Diverse Game Selection and High-Quality Software offers a wide range of casino games from renowned software providers. The variety ranges from classic table games such as roulette and blackjack to modern slot machines and live dealer games. The high-quality software ensures a smooth and entertaining gaming experience. Like, the game provider must be ISO 27001 certified. This means that your data is safe at and subject to the highest security standards.

7. Local Support and Customer Service

In the event of questions or problems, players have access to professional and friendly customer service directly from the Casino du Lac in Geneva. This is multilingual and operates in the Swiss time zone, which enables fast and effective communication. Local support helps to ensure that players receive the highest level of service quality.

8. Responsible Gaming and Self-Exclusion options is actively committed to responsible gaming. The platform offers features such as deposit limits, session time limits and the option to self-block to ensure that players can keep an eye on their activities. This promotes a healthy approach to gambling and minimises potential risks.

9. Local Economic Development

By choosing, players not only support the AHV, but also help to strengthen the local economy. The company creates jobs, pays taxes and invests in the community. This commitment to the local economy helps to ensure that the profits from gambling remain directly in Switzerland and have a positive impact there.

10. Transparent Business Practices and Fair Winning Odds attaches great importance to transparent business practices. The payout rates are fair and easy to understand, and players can rest assured that their chances of winning are not being manipulated. The SFGB (Swiss Federal Gaming Board) monitors gaming operations in real time using a secure server. This transparency creates trust and offers players an authentic and fair gaming experience.

This Is Why Legal Casinos Like Are the Better Choice

To summarise, there are clear advantages for Swiss players to play at a regulated online casino such as From AHV support and the security of Twint deposits to transparent Bonus Terms and Conditions and strong player protection, offers a safe and responsible gaming environment in line with the laws of Switzerland. Players should be aware that playing on illegal platforms can not only have legal consequences, but also pose significant risks in terms of protecting their finances and personal information.

Overall, is not only a place for entertainment and gambling, but also a contribution to the positive development of Swiss society. By choosing this regulated online casino, players can not only optimise their gambling experience, but also actively contribute to strengthening local communities and promoting responsible gambling. has a special welcome offer for all those players who would like to experience the benefits of a legal Swiss online casino for themselves. New players receive a welcome bonus of up to CHF 500 and 350 free spins with their first deposit. There is also a CHF 10 no deposit bonus for verifying the account. See you soon at - your legal Swiss online casino!


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